OLYMPIC GOLD ………can be found at ArtUSA Noise Control Products in acoustical panels.  In 1996 we were called upon to address the noise reverb and improve the acoustics in a school gym. This gym needed Olympic listening quality for the world basketball teams hosted in Atlanta.  Prior to our installation of the acoustical panels,...

Restaurant Conversations Heard


A local restaurant in North Atlanta contacted ArtUSA for help with the noise level of their patrons. All seemed to enjoy the food and beverages and lively conversations but had to yell to be heard across the table. ArtUSA suggested Sound Seal S-2000 wall panels along with Charcoal Colortech Foam by Pinta Acoustic. Alternating the...

ArtUSA Creates Calming Clouds With HARMONI Ceiling Tiles


ArtUSA Architectural Products has used HARMONI TM Ceiling Tiles, a contemporary ceiling tile that is available in two attractive patterns and is ideal for noisy areas. HARMONI Ceiling Tiles are lightweight and easy to install. In addition, HARMONI has a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.90, meaning they are able to absorb 90 percent of...